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" IKIGAIA was brought into being after weaving together my Ikigai (purpose of life) and my mission to deeply connect and live in harmony with our Gaia (earth)."

- Emma Nuis, Founder and Creator of IKIGAIA


IKIGAIA is about showing you how I feel about the creation of clothing, aspiring you to make you buy more consciously and motivate you to contribute to the well-being of the earth at the time of purchase and in the future.

When we all create for a sense of purpose and think of a sustainable future, there is a chance to make a positive change in the world of Fashion. Onces we have a clear view of who’s making our clothing and how our conscious buying enables a sustainable life for ourselves and the world, we can minimize the imbalance between fast-fashion and the environment.

IKIGAIA creates for feeling not trends - comfort and calm in the wearer. Cued by mindfullness and a grounded sense of balance for the earth and for the people.

A timeless organicially chic style with a touch of bohemian and refined shapes that accentuate and enhance the female body. Made with the idea of ​​finding a perfect harmony between comfort and elegance.

I like to call it,

'Natural Elegance'.





"As a creative person I find peace when working with my hands. It is the creative process I like - to transform an idea into something that comes to life.  I was able to required my tailoring skills through various educational programs, small projects and personal assignments. I've made a lot of people happy with my tailored clothing, which inspired me to pursuit my creative dream to start my own slow-fashion label.


The art of tailoring has almost become an unseen profession due to the mass-produced clothing industry and it takes ambitious tailors to regain that again.


​Over the years it became clear to me that I want to live according to the Japanese 'Ikigai' concept. Which is a comprehensive concept describing subjective well-being. It encompasses life-satisfaction, self-esteem, morale, happiness as well as the meaning in one's life. When finding my 'reason for being' I questioning myself, what does the world need and what is my mission to fulfill that with the greatest possible joy?  I discovered that one of my life goals is to be a giver, contributor and leader to restore the imbalance between the global environment and the fashion-industry. That is why I created my own vision of what fashion should be like. This vision, in combination with my skills in creating clothes, has become my mission and contribution to the earth and I see this as my Ikigai."

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