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Measure your height

Stand straight with no shoes on and place your back against a wall. Using a pencil, place the pencil flat against the top of your head with the writing end against the wall. Carefully mark your height against the wall. Step away and measure from the mark down to the floor using a measuring tape.

  • A height between 160 cm - 164 cm, add length "PETITE" to your selected size.​

  • A height between 165 - 169 cm, add length "BASIC" to your selected size.

  • A height between 170 cm - 174 cm, add length "REGULAR" to your selected size.

  • A height between 175 cm - 179 cm, add length "TALL" to your selected size.   

  • A heigth between 180 - 185 cm, add length "EXTRA TALL" to your selected size.


How to measure yourself?

Be sure that when you measure, the tape is straight and in line with the appropriate body part. Wear clothes that fit closely or only wear a well- fitting, unpadded bra and underwear. Make sure the measuringtape is not twisted or folded and also keep a finger distance between your body and the tape when you measure.

Bust | Measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping the tape level under your arms and across your back.

Waist | Measure the smallest part of your natural waist, where the measuring tape naturally sits. The tape should be straight.

Hips | With your feet together, measure around the widest point of your hips and bottom, ensuring the measuring tape is straight.

Sleeve / Arm | Measure from the tip of your shoulder bone down to the wrist bone.

Inseam / Inner leg | Measure from the very top of your inner leg, down to 1 cm above the ground​.

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