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The limited edition Gaia Kimono dress has a beautiful soft drape and the low cut neckline and open back enhances the female body. 


This dress represents;


The craft of tailoring by immersing the traditional Japanese Kimono design-details like the wide sleeves and the obi belt to wrap around the waist.


Mother Nature because this dress is slowly and mindfully hand dyed, using only natural and botanical ingredients. 


Natural elegance by its sexy bodycon drape and flared hemline to accentuate the feminine shape.

GAIA dress

€ 179,95Price
Color: Red
  • The Gaia Kimono dress can be ordered in various lengths.


    Choose the size that fits yours. It is important that you measure yourself accurately to determine your height.


    The length sizes are offered as a choice to ensure that a garment is made to your bodylength. Therefore it will never be too short or too long, but simply perfect to your size! 


    • A body length between 160 cm - 164 cm, add "PETITE" to your selected size.​

    • A body length between 165 - 169 cm, add "BASIC" to your selected size.

    • A body length between 170 cm - 174 cm, add "REGULAR" to your selected size.

    • A body length between 175 cm - 179 cm, add "TALL" to your selected size.   

    • A body length between 180 - 185 cm, add "EXTRA TALL" to your selected size.


    Please use the chatbox or send a private message on Instagram if you need help with picking the right size. 


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