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I K I G A I A an Organic Slow-fashion label that enhances the art of tailoring and combines her love for nature and freedom of movement in every piece she makes. Each design is created for a sense of a purpose, by the hands of passionate bohemian women.

For women, who aspire to a natural elegance.


Garments of Nature

Wear Natural, Live Natural

Each piece is made from organic fabrics and dyed by hand with local botanical ingredients.

 The combination of these botanical dyes with natural garments cultivates a deeper connection with the natural world we live in. Not only just by having it on our body as a piece of garment but also in the way we take care of ourselves and therefore care for our Gaia.

The coloring depends entirely on what grows in season, falls on the ground or is available through what we eat.

By using the Japanese Shibori dye techniques, the colors and patterns will always come out differently by personal touch. That makes each piece a limited edition of which only one has ever been made.

All garments are made in my home studio and natural dyed in my garden. 

By making them only in small quantities I can give all the love and attention to each garment I make.

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash.jpg


Wearing handmade clothing is as a journey, as a creation of love and inspiration from textiles. Caring for people's appearance and inner self and the balance with Gaia. From the carefully selected natural raw materials used to make the garment to wearing the clothing. A creation that makes the wearer glow and expresses the communication of love.


One of a kind

Accepting the natural dye process of the botanical colors and letting its way of expression flows freely, makes each piece tells a different story. The shade is determined by the extracted color that naturally penetrates the fabric.
So a garment dyed with the same ingredient can always vary in shade or color. You will always be wearing a garment that is unique and a one of a kind..


Consciously created

Nature is the creator and inspiration of all designs. Not only are the designs made from carefully sourced Organic and Ecological materials. But I K I G A I A also wants to show the value of artisanal creations so that we can build a sustainable future and restore the imbalance between fashion industry and our Gaia.

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